Review on How to Use Bargain Booksy for Book Promotions

When it comes to Bargain Booksy, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways for all types of authors to sell their books—and at a reasonable price too.

When it comes to reviewing sites, we have a lot of them online. They’re known to send out details of free or discounted books to readers on their mailing list. And, I do hope you aren’t getting me wrong. The other book review or promotion sites are pretty good in their stance. Still, there’s just something about Bargain Booksy review I’d like to pinpoint precisely in this post.

What and who owns Bargain Booksy? They are held and managed by written word Media. In this article, we will discreetly focus on the details of the Bargain Booksy review and how to use the App.

Here are how the owners allow you to use the App effectively with no hassles;

  • You Review the price as you wish and Bargain Booksy also helps with that too
  • There are stated review requirements
  • Planning the state of your reviews
  • Genre choice (you have the choice)
  • Kindle unlimited Availability Impact stated results.
  • Planning to set your price details
  • Book cover

What is Bargain Booksy?

Bargain Booksy Review can be termed a promotional book deal site that promotes your book to the many mailing lists they have. All you have to do when it comes to this is;

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  1. You’ll have to pay a fee to have your book reviewed and promoted to one of their niche-specific mailing lists.
  2. All readers are said to get free or bargain-priced books. You further increase your sales ranking and have the opportunity to have these readers as your followers. They’ll be able to explore your other works.
  3. Your book would be featured on their site directing users to purchase your book on Nook, Amazon, and Apple and they further share your book on their Facebook group.

When it comes to Bargain Booksy, it has to be known that it doesn’t enforce a minimum reader review need. Nonetheless, every book has to go through an editorial review process. If perhaps your book does not meet their editorial guidelines, then they’ll have to issue a full refund.

Is Bargain Booksy the right one?

Oh yes, it is! And that’s if your book is priced below 4 dollars, then Bargain Booksy is one of the review and promotional sites to choose from.

How Eligible is my book?

Your book must have these in place to be very eligible;

  • Your book must be over 50 pages in length.
  • To qualify for a Bargain Booksy feature, your book must be as low as 99 cents to 5 dollars.
  • Do send them an email at if you have any questions.

Explaining Bargain Booksy Review in detail

1. Your Review Price

Bargain Booksy is said to accept books that are priced between 0.99 dollars to 4 dollars. Most of the authors see the highest engagement from their audience, incredibly when books are priced at 0.99 cents. Various authors use their services when running a price promotion or simply marketing their book while it’s discounted.

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This means that most of the books on the Bargain Booksy review list are pretty low in price for success. If your book is high in price, it needs to be way more extraordinary than the others to get full engagement from readers.

In that case, you have to note that books that are well-reviewed with all the details that make it a book –  like a book cover and all the nitty-gritty details, can be a success at the 2 dollars 3-dollar price range.

2. Review Needs

When it comes to getting your book reviewed, we all know how challenging that can be. For this reason, Bargain Booksy was created to settle this issue; it doesn’t have any standard or minimum review requirement for its standard features.

They make sure that all authors use their service, no matter how popular or unknown they are.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty significant to have in mind that when it comes to reviews, they are said to have a good, if not broad, impact on reader’s engagement.

A book with zero or less than five reviews will see fewer sales than a given book with 10+ review sales. And when you promote a new reviewed title, do have this in mind that it’s likely not to see optimal engagement.

Bargain Booksy automatically gives you the strategies for promoting your book when you do work with them.

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The primary increment here is that the more reviews you’ve garnered over time, the better your book will undoubtedly perform. When you tend to sell or run a book with little or no checks, that may not be good for profits. However, it may still result in sales and can be an effective marketing tool to help your book be on the top; increase the pages read to at least 50 pages or more if you’re in KU and build a significant following.

3. Planning the State of Reviews

Bargain Booksy also gives you the freedom to get your book reviewed and promoted every 30 days on, approximately. This will permit the site to build its list and engage more readers who wish to read a book like yours.

There’s no limit on how often an author does promote various titles with them.

4. Genre choice

When you get the first things right, you get almost all of it right. In essence, getting your book in front of the right audience will indeed have a significant effect on the success of your promotion and book sales.

They are known to offer a wide genre variety, and the list tends to grow.

5. Kindle Unlimited Availability Impact Stated Results

If your book is available on Kindle Unlimited, then you need not worry. Book sales, KENP reads, and the resulting Amazon payouts will affect the reviews and promotion.

6. Planning to set your price details

When it comes to Bargain Booksy reviews, they’re known to last for a full day. In terms of promotions, they need your books at a low price on all sales platforms till 11:59 pm EST on the day of the promotion.

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If your book is on KDP select, it would be advisable to set the price low by the Kindle Countdown Deal. If done, please schedule the countdown to begin at 5 am or earlier on the promotion day.

7. Book cover

The first impression that most readers get about your book is the cover, so you need to have a professional and eye-catching cover that makes sense to your followers or readers.

When it comes to the Bargain Booksy app, they make sure that your cover fits the content and genre you seek to reach, or you fix that up yourself.

Make sure to stay away from covers that are too dark, hard to read, or have many things going on there.

Using the App

When it comes to Bargain Booksy, they’re known to have over 230 thousand readers across various genres. Now, when you purchase a ‘Bargain Booksy feature,’ you’re simply paying to have them send your book to one of their emailing lists.

  1. First of all, head to the website,
  2. Then go ahead to pick the feature genre from the grid. Your book can only be sent to readers who enjoy your book, and you can see the variety of readers who have also signed up to get each genre in the list size column.
  3. Next up, choose a date from those available.
  4. Do fill out the form with your book’s information and click submit.

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Warning: You will not be able to see the information again, so you might want to make sure your data is correct before you do think of submitting it.

  1. Do pay to reserve your book’s review and promotion officially.
  2. Then you will receive a confirmation email, which is as soon as your payment clears, which typically comes within a day. And if you’ve believed that you have bought a feature, and haven’t received a confirmation email within the twenty-four-hour period, then do send a message through the email as given previously.

To get started with Bargain Booksy promotion, click HERE

In summary, Bargain Booksy is a book promotion website that charges you to promote your published books online

How to make sure your book is the right Price on the Deal day

Before ending this post, I’ll show you how to change your book’s price through Amazon’s KDP dashboard.

Please note: Bargain Booksy doesn’t change the price of your book title; that is to be done by you.

Setting and changing the Price of your book

  1. Log into your Amazon account
  2. Click on the price of the book you wish to promote
  3. Change the royalty rate as needed.
  4. Then type in the new set price of your book.
  5. You’re done! Scroll to the bottom and hit save.

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How to set a Kindle Countdown Deal?

  1. Log into your amazon account.
  2. Next up, hit the ‘promote and advertise’ button next to the title you wish to promote.
  3. And under ‘run a price promotion,’ choose ‘Kindle countdown deal’ and press the ‘create a new kindle countdown deal’ button.
  4. To enter the date on which you want your countdown to run, choose how many of the price increments (1 or 2) and what price you’d like your book to begin at, whether 0.99 cents or 2.99 dollars). When done with that, click continue.
  5. Do double check that all things are in place, like your scheduled promotion looking pretty good, and click on ‘Add promotion.”


Well, this is just detailed information of all activities related to planning your book and making it an overall success using the Bargain Booksy review app. And you don’t need to get overwhelmed when it comes to this; trust me on this, it’s a smooth ride.

Now for Amazon, they’re known to only let their KDP select author host one countdown deal or free book promotion within 90 days, while Bargain Booksy advises that you wait still within 90-days for your book reviews too.

So in other not to get overwhelmed by the seeming activities that might come as an indie author, the key is to;

  1. Measure your results so you can tweak and repeat your activity every 90 days.
  2. Do leave yourself enough time to plan.
  3. Do you know what your goals are?

With that said, good luck!


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