How to Write a Killer Sales Copy in 10 Powerful Steps

When it comes to sales copy, it matters a whole lot. It’s essential to supplement your text with videos and images, but there’s just one thing about words being on a page; it does have a powerful impact on consumers.

For instance, having an image of a smartphone doesn’t tell you much about it, nor its specs. A video about a soft duvet doesn’t tell you what makes it unique. It would help if you had that sales copy portion of your sales page to make consumers act rather than acting all up in their imagination when they watch those fantastic videos.

But the sad stuff here is, far too many marketers don’t know what sales copy is or why it ever matters. Worse still, they tend to write an uninspired copy that turns off consumers and gives their competitors the ultimate advantage.

Before we talk about how to fix this grueling issue, let’s have an idea of what a sales copy is?

What is a sales copy?

Sales copy, sometimes also called copyright, is simply a detailed text that persuades consumers to purchase a product or service. You can either create lists of a sales copy, write a sales copy in paragraph form, or even overlay it on an image.

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Best of all, sales copy does show how the consumer can take advantage of what you’re selling. For most cases, sales copy is somewhat dry for consumption. It tends to bore the readers, asking themselves why they are reading the junk in the first place.

While you don’t need to turn your sales page into the following thriller spec, you should try to play with some voice intro and language to give the clients something to read and keep reading.

Sales copy is to convince you or the client—to lure interest over something. Ever gone to a car sale before? Don’t you love how the seller talks about the car with much precision and enthuse? Well, that’s how you sell on paper too, which makes a sales copy. In essence, please make me wowed with your offer.

That said, here are the ways to write that sales copy and get the customers in the bag;

How to write the Best Sales Copy that converts

sales copy

1. A Goal

In life, we all need some purpose. We need a goal. Okay, you want to sell something, but the stuff here is, do you have a specific sales goal for the page? For example, do you wish to sell one particular product or a variety of it? You can literally use your sales copy to lure your target consumers and make them act.

It’s also pretty important to define your goal in terms of conversions. Before you write a sales copy, make sure you test it, and place it before your consumers, it’s necessary to get an idea of your baseline conversion rate.

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IN ESSENCE, knowing where you’re going to begin is the only proper way to tell whether the changes you make improves the desired method of doing things.

2. Select your Target audience

To develop a brilliant sales copy, you need to understand whom you are selling to and why they do care. You need to state things like, what’s so special about your offer? Why in the world would they ever believe you? Age and all that nitty-gritty stuff. Answering these questions and more would help you craft a good message and pick the right tone of voice.

3. Select the best killer headline

When it comes to your headline, that’s one of the first things your visitors will look at before anything else on your landing page; and that’s even before they settle at the image. For a good headline, it’s known to focus on one big idea, which usually consists of the most specific benefit of the service or product you’re offering.

The tidbit here is to focus on one thing. Explain everything that needs to be said in a precise way.

4. Technicalities are needed

When it comes to showing off technical details in a subject or a product, it shows you know your stuff pretty well. Technical details are known to enhance trust and make you sound more convincing.

So presenting precise details like names and information does show that you know what you’re talking about. I guess you may think that’s boring, and you might very well leave them out in your sales copy, but don’t you dare. Please make sure you put them in place; it’s a good increment for the success of your sales copy.

5. Exploit competitor’s weakness

To write a good sales copy, make sure it’s essential that you understand what differentiates your product from the competition. Once you have an inkling of what your competitor’s weaknesses are, then you must make sure your consumers know them and understand why purchasing products or services from your competitors would be a big mistake on their part.

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Research your competitors, and understand the basics of their products or services. When that’s done, then all other things fall in place. Weakness, weakness, weakness, find it and use it!

6. Understanding your Medium

As you do go ahead to write your copy, make sure you’re aware that each different medium where an ad is placed needs a different style or tone. It all depends on where you’re putting your sales ad, and the copy you use changes based on the target audience of who’ll see the ad.

Ask yourself these questions, are you placing your ad in a local newspaper or a billboard? Are you putting your ad in a news magazine and the likes? Different media points do need an additional copy to persuade a particular audience to act effectively.

Moreover, various kinds of marketing pieces do require varying types of sales. And it would help if you remembered there are so many ways to use sales copy to promote what you’re trying to pass across other than conventional ad types. Make sure to use as many of the methods at your disposal to communicate with your target audience.

7. Make it accessible, conversational, and Precise

Your sales copy shouldn’t be complex or wordy. You’re not writing a novel or a dissertation; what you’re writing on is a quick soundbite to make someone purchase your product. Make sure you do keep it simple and write with an approachable tone. Don’t use long sentences or words.

8. Research using Social Media Analytics

Social media has been pretty effective for all sellers alike. Social media is a simple yet effective way to help you understand who’s interacting with a given content, even if they aren’t yet customers. Here are three platforms you should research and conduct your analytics on.


Instagram offers insightful tools that help you learn more about demographics, target audiences, app usage, and interests. One of the advantages here is that the information is easy to understand and located directly at and easy.

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With over 1 billion people using the app, Facebook provides you with a detailed review of how most people interact with your content, which helps you improve your spread over time. Facebook pixel also tracks and monitors your ad performance. And it is easy to create a campaign on Facebook business manager.


When it comes to LinkedIn, it’s said to be the leader in B2B social networking. Its dashboard does show you a comprehensive summary of the month, impressions, particular trends, and visitors; all these must be taken note of by you to make a compelling sales copy.

9. Make a structure

You can use several methods to make the perfect sales copy and even ready-to-use formulas, too. The famous examples are;


And though they may look pretty different, there’s one thing in common with them; you cannot offer a solution to anything if the problem hasn’t been discovered. So, the more relevant the problem is to be resolved, the more connecting your audience is to you.

Here’s a little format I’d love to share;

  1. Title
  2. Problem
  3. Problem dramatization and its effect on business
  4. Value proposition
  5. Testimonials
  6. How does it work?
  7. Perks of your solution against competitors
  8. Unique offer
  9. What’s next? Our contacts


10. Add Testimonials of your Customers

When you add customer testimonials, it does and helps you close that sale at once. You even have the liberty to add customer testimonial quotes into your sales copy. And when it comes to customer testimonials, it doesn’t have to be long and be draggy. If, in essence, you’ve received a thorough review from a loyal consumer of yours, then here are some of the ways that you can imbibe their testimonial with no shortcuts of any kind.

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 Use a video

Do ask your customer to record saying their testimonial. You can add it to the bottom of your sales copy—that’s an excellent way to lure more consumers’ interest.

A short story is needed

Make sure to turn the testimonial into an engaging story. Most people tend to listen more to stories or past experiences.

A Quote

Please take a good line from the testimonial and transform it into a quote. Do make sure to add the customer’s name to show how legitimate it is.

A link is necessary

If you wish to show off the entire testimonial, you need to show the audience the first two sentences and link them to an external site to read the rest.

Address it all

Use the testimonial to address any myths that might have popped up over time about your product in one round. This helps to combat all the negative reviews.


Why haven’t your sales copy been converting?

Maybe you’ve been working so hard at making an excellent sales copy, but it seems like you’re not pulling through with it. This is a common problem, and you can indeed overcome it.

In most situations, sales copy doesn’t convert because you haven’t refined it enough for your target audience. The people who visit your sales page aren’t connecting with your sales copy; in essence, it seems random to them, like all the others.

Fortunately for you, there are different tools online that can help out with this. Stay in touch on the site while searching for helpful tools to help you with your needs. I’ll keep you posted!

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