2024 Fully-Funded Gates Cambridge Scholarship in the UK

Are you prepared to start a life-changing academic adventure in the UK? The 2024 fully funded Gates Cambridge Scholarship can be one of your lifetime access to a world of educational opportunities.

I want you to imagine yourself in the famous Cambridge buildings, where dreams come true. Similar to you, talented students from all around the world are catered to by this distinguished scholarship. Imagine being able to concentrate solely on your academic and personal development because this scholarship program would fully pay your living and tuition fees. This is a lifelong opportunity you should never miss.

Therefore, this blog post covers everything you need to know about the Gates Cambridge scholarship program. Now, let’s go!

About the 2024 Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship, which is fully funded, is an excellent option for international students with outstanding academic records and abilities. The fully-funded UK scholarship is intended for individuals who want to improve the lives of others around them.

The Gates Scholarship program in the United Kingdom aims to create a vibrant community of future leaders who are eager to transform the world. By applying for the Gates Cambridge Trust scholarship in the UK, international students can help Cambridge University’s goal to improve and uphold society.

The bulk of the courses and subjects available for this Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024 in the UK are taught at the institution, with the exception of a few. Gates Cambridge offers 80 fully funded Gates scholarships around the country to international students wanting to pursue postgraduate studies in the UK for free.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aims to create a network of young leaders who will fight to improve the living standards of people. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s mission is to help people in developing countries escape hunger and poverty by improving their health and education. It’s a fantastic opportunity for bright young people who want to improve and alter their communities.

The Gates Cambridge Scholars program for international students in the United Kingdom creates a network of Gates scholars. The Gates Scholarship community at Cambridge University will include professional networks. King Henry III established the University of Cambridge, one of the United Kingdom’s research universities.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Benefits of the Gates Cambridge Scholarship

  • The whole tuition and composition cost is fully funded.
  • A maintenance payment for a single student ($18,744 per year at the rate of 2022-23; prorated for courses lasting less than a year); the award is valid for up to four years for PhD scholars.
  • A single low-cost flight at the start and end of your chosen course.
  • Immigration health surcharge and incoming visa costs.
  • Academic development scholarships ranging from £500 to £2,000 will be available depending on the duration of your program to assist you in attending conferences and courses.
  • Up to £15,612 for two or more children. A partner receives no funding.
  • Fieldwork – As part of your PhD, you may request up to your normal maintenance allowance for time spent in the field. Extra fieldwork expenses are not covered by the Trust because they should be covered by the University Composition Fee.
  • If you want financial assistance for maternity or paternity leave, you can apply to postpone your studies for up to six months while continuing to receive your maintenance allowance.
  • Hardship funds are provided to assist students who confront unexpected problems.

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Eligible Degree Programs for the Scholarship

  • MSc/MLitt
  • One-year postgraduate course
  • PhD

Degrees and Courses that are not eligible for the Scholarship Program

  • Any Undergraduate degree such as BA (undergraduate) or BA affiliated (a second BA)
  • Business Doctorate (BusD)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Finance (MFin)
  • MBBChir Clinical Studies
  • MD Doctor of Medicine degree (6 years, part-time)
  • Graduate Course in Medicine (A101)
  • Part-time degrees
  • Non-degree courses

Eligibility Criteria of the 2024 Gates Cambridge Scholarship

  • Candidates must be scholars from other countries.
  • Candidates for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships 2024 need to have a strong academic record.
  • International candidates must apply for a full-time master’s or PhD program at the University of Cambridge.
  • Application is required for any of the postgraduate programs that are open to international students.
  • They must exhibit exceptional leadership potential.
  • Candidates must be able to justify their course selections.

Admission Requirements 

Application requirements include having a strong preparation for the proposed field of graduate study, an outstanding academic record (the average GPA of Gates Scholars is 3.92), intellectual distinction as demonstrated by prior honours, awards, or recognitions, and being ranked by Cambridge departments as one of the most academically outstanding applicants in a given year.

How to Apply for the 2024 Gates Cambridge Scholarship

  • Click the Apply Now button to visit the online university application portal for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024 for international students studying in the UK.
  • Applicants for the Gates Cambridge scholarship must submit both their scholarship and entry application through an online platform.
  • Applicants must complete the sub-section for the fully funded Bill Gates Foundation scholarship at Cambridge University.
  • Candidates for the Ph.D. program must submit a research proposal.
  • Applicants must correctly submit all required documentation before the deadline.
  • Depending on the degree, the deadline for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship Program 2024 for international students will be either 5 December 2023 or 4 January 2024.
  • You can start your scholarship application here.


Is the Gates Cambridge Scholarship Fully Funded?

For students living outside of the UK, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024 is a fully funded master’s and doctoral scholarship. This scholarship program is like a gift from Bill and Melinda Gates to the University of Cambridge in the UK.


The 2024 Fully-Funded Gates Cambridge Scholarship in the UK is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for overseas students seeking academic accomplishment and global influence.

This scholarship program provides full financial support to the illustrious University of Cambridge, covering tuition, living expenses, and travel fees. This fellowship was founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to foster a network of future leaders committed to making the world a better place.



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